Colorado Travel Guide

Colorado offers tourists a multitude of attractions, from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the vibrant city of metro Denver in the north. Bordering seven other states, square shaped Colorado is regarded as America’s beer capital, boasting hundreds of small breweries offering beer made to their own recipes.

Adventure seekers will be drawn to the magnificent Rockies, which possess some excellent ski resorts such as Aspen. Held between June and August, the famous Aspen Music Festival draws large crowds. Hikers enjoy the rugged trails of the Rockies, with Rocky Mountain National Park being a popular place to camp, ski and hike. Independence Ghost Town is a historic mining town, and if it’s education you are after, then head to Cozens Ranch and Stage Show Museum to learn about local history.

The center of the Rockies is home to Colorado Springs. With less extreme weather than Denver, visitors are free to enjoy the great outdoors. The Garden of the Gods, with its ecosystems and natural habitats, is a lovely place for family visits. Other attractions nearby include Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the World Figure Skating Museum and Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. Hot air ballooning, rock climbing and fishing are all popular activities in the area.

The college towns of Boulder and Fort Collins have a lot to offer. Boulder has pledged to help preserve the area’s natural wildlife, and the Open Space and Mountain Trail is a great place to observe this. Other attractions include the Fiske Planetarium and the Gateway Park Fun Center. Fort Collins is home to an array of microbreweries, including the New Belgium Brewing Company and Cooper Smith’s Brewery. The Discovery Center and Fort Fun are excellent family attractions.

For some excellent hiking trails in magnificent surroundings, head to the San Luis Valley. Home to hot springs, Great Sand Dunes National Park and the extraordinary Wolf Creek Ski Resort, the area is an alpine wonder.

Another popular destination is Pueblo. This city on a lake boasts more than 58 miles of shoreline, and hosts activities ranging from swimming and boating to rafting on the Arkansas River. Historical Durango features spas, hot springs and the Grand Motorcar and Piano Collection.