Mid-Atlantic Travel Guide

The Mid Atlantic US states form one geographical section within the United States and comprise the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. This region refers to the division of the Atlantic seaboard that stretches from New England to the south and is one of the most ethnically varied areas in the nation.

Bordered by the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey is small in size but nonetheless boasts hundreds of miles of gently sloping countryside and natural parkland surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes. Tourists are drawn here by several award-winning cultural attractions, exciting nightlife - particularly in world-renowned Atlantic City - and a number of beautiful beaches, including two nudist beaches for the less prudish.

There is much more to the scenically diverse state of New York than the ‘Big Apple’. Visitors can get to the beaches of Long Island within an hour’s drive from New York City or go fishing, hiking or skiing in the nearby Catskill Mountains. Located between New York City and Niagara Falls on the border with Canada, Finger Lakes remain one of the nation’s most unspoilt vacation areas.

Pennsylvania is the most historically important state in the country, especially the city of Philadelphia which draws millions of tourists to the Historic Independence National Park each year. Between this eastern seaboard city and Pittsburgh to the west, Pennsylvania offers everything from artists’ colonies, pastoral pleasure and country inns to scrumptious home-style fare and the chocolate paradise of Hershey.

Delaware’s largest city, Wilmington, offers numerous boutiques, historic pubs, excellent restaurants and trendy nightspots. To the south, small towns are enclosed by farmland and bed and breakfasts replace the grand hotels. The sandy beaches alongside the Atlantic are well-liked destinations, while a further criterion contributes to this state’s attractiveness – Delaware is sales-tax free!

It is inevitable that you’ll visit the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay when coming to Maryland, a state with an extensive stretch of seashore. The far-reaching resort of Ocean City sees the most action, particularly in the summer, when miles of white beaches are packed with vacationers like sardines in a can. The inland regions are a delight for outdoor enthusiasts amid mountains, waterfalls, lakes and savage rapids.