New Mexico Travel Guide

Situated in the southern region of America, the state of New Mexico is only a stone’s throw away from the real Mexico over the border. In the south of the state an arid desert landscape exists, meaning the climate is extremely hot and dry with an average of 15 inches of rainfall per year. In contrast, the north has snow-capped peaks and mountain wilderness sitting in the southernmost part of the Rocky Mountains. With a high number of Native Americans and a large Hispanic community, a fine mix of food, music and festivals is present.

Located close to the center of New Mexico is Santa Fe, one of the oldest surviving capital cities in the United States. The city was founded by Don Pedro de Peralta and made capital in 1610. Santa Fe is filled with culture and historic heritage. Many museums offering insight into Spanish and American Indian history are present, alongside modern art galleries and the Lensic Theater, which features opera performances. With a great range of activities and attractions ranging from skiing and hiking to historic architecture, Santa Fe is a very popular tourist destination.

The state is also home to numerous government-protected forests and historic areas including Lincoln National Park, which was named after Abraham Lincoln in 1902. The park stretches over several New Mexico counties, features Native American sites and four mountain ranges, which are part of the Rocky Mountains.

Positioned in the northwest of the state is the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, which contains the Aztec National Monument. This site has buildings dating back to the 11th century and was established as ruins in 1923. Later in 1987 it was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. The historic remains of the Aztec civilization attract a large number of tourists each year. Throughout the surrounding areas of the national park are amazing sites built by ancient civilizations sitting in breathtaking scenery.

In October every year an amazing balloon fiesta is held in New Mexico. Hundreds of colorful hot air balloons travel to the state for a mass launch, which makes for a brilliant display of these flying machines. The event includes a range of activities and festival fun, with fireworks, food, wine, arts and crafts contributing to an incredibly enjoyable experience.