Sedona Travel Guide

Sedona receives rave reviews from both visitors and travel magazines and has even been called the ‘most beautiful place in America’ by some publications. Its vibrant community appeals to a mainly New Age crowd who come for the gorgeous, colorful and scenic views that reflect off the red rock formations. Abundant art galleries and a full calendar of film and art festivals round out the attractions. 

Sedona’s popularity originated from the beauty of the surrounding ‘Red Rock’ country, and has been further enhanced by the spiritual nature of the brilliant orange and red colors that emanate from the rocky formations at sunrise and sunset. Although beautiful, the mystical setting means you are likely to be rubbing shoulders with healers and crystal-bearers while taking in the sights, with some believing Sedona to be the ‘heart’ of the planet.

Many hiking and mountain biking trails weave their way through the outcroppings, providing an escape form the psychics and a means to explore the fascinating landscape. Centrally located for those visitors who want to explore the natural beauty of Arizona, Sedona is the perfect base for taking in the Coconino National Forest and the scenic Verde River. You can join an adventurous four-wheel drive tours to look for old Indian ruins, or climb the hills and surrounding mountains.

Sedona attractions

Chapel of the Holy Cross: the first sight of this modern chapel, rising over 200 feet between two magnificent red rock formations, can be a spiritually-moving experience: its 90-foot cross further accentuates the vertical nature of the design.

Slide Rock State Park: situated on a historic apple orchard in Oak Creek, you can enjoy hiking on the short trails here which have served as a background for several Hollywood movies.

Sedona Arts Center: is a unique concept, established by a group of visionary artists to create a place and a climate where artists can work and develop cooperatively.

Sedona Cultural Park: hosts some of the most diverse artistic performances in the world at its Georgia Frontiere Performing Arts Pavilion, which seats 5,000 patrons.

Sedona Historical Society Museum: focuses on the lives of the original settlers of Sedona, in order to preserve and share the history of this fascinating place.