Kefamenanu Travel Guide

Kefamenanu is a city roughly half-way between Kupang and the East Timor border in West Timor. Not much happens in Kefamenanu but it has some interesting surroundings, with the town of Soe to the south and Atambua to the northeast.

There are one or two guest houses in Kefamenanu, along with an interesting market, for those who plan on making a stop off. Surrounding the town, and passed through en route between Soe and Atambua, are many traditional villages with thatched houses resembling something out of Africa. These villages are generally beautifully laid out on hillsides.

In addition, on the route from Soe is a deep gorge with good walking and swimming opportunities. Other towns and villages to see in the region include Maoebesi and the more remote Oelolok to the east.

Getting There & Away

Kupang is the main gateway to West Timor, lying down in the southwest and receiving flights from Denpasar in 1 hour, 20 minutes. Flights also come in from Mataram on Lombok as well as from a few other Asian cities. Kefamenanu is 5 hours away from Kupang by bus, a journey of 200kms.

Things to Do

Kefamenanu Attractions

Traditional villages

Old villages line the route between soe and kefamenanu and feature cute thatched roof cottages, nice people, and fine views.

Side trips from Kefamenanu


This place is on par with kefamenanu, although is slightly more refined and has more to see. it makes a good stop-off when traveling to or from kefamenanu.