Camplong Travel Guide

Camplong is a small town to the east of Kupang in West Papua that is known for its forested area, Camplong Forest Area. This protected area is situated on the slopes of Mount Fatuleu and comes with an abundance of flora and fauna.

Animals and birds to look out for in Camplong Forest Area include the Timor deer and the olive-shouldered parrot, while crocodiles and snakes also inhabit the region. There are all types of trees and plants here, and the natural water spring is beautiful.

There is also a manmade cave in Camplong that the Japanese built during their tenure of West Timor in WWII; they used to hide in it to avoid the locals. Accommodation options in Camplong include various lodgings in the village as well as in Camplong Forest Area.

Getting There & Away

Camplong is on the Kupang to Soe highway, which eventually hits the East Timor border. Buses run here within an hour or so from Kupang bus terminal, 46kms away. Taxis also make the trip from Kupang Airport. This airport is the main one in West Timor and receives flights from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali in 90 minutes.

Things to Do

Camplong Attractions

Camplong Forest Area

The main attraction in the area is this beautiful swathe of forest which harbors freshwater springs and all manner of flora and fauna.

Side trips from Camplong


An interesting village on the same main highway from kupang lies at altitude (800m) and features a gathering of traditional villages.