Jepara Travel Guide

The quiet town of Jepara is located close to the vibrant city of Jakarta, attracting city dwellers at the weekend and those who simply want to relax and unwind for a day or two.

Jepara is known throughout Indonesia for an unusual fruit known as Durian Petruk, which is famed for its tough spiked shell and pungent smell. This fruit makes its way into many of the local dishes, from sweet deserts to curries and stir fries and this is a great place to sample different cuisine. The taste of Durian Petruk is very unusual, and most people have very strong feelings about it; either love it or hate it.

Many people visit Jepara on a daytrip from Jakarta, pausing just long enough to soak up the sun on the beach before catching the bus back to the city. However, those who decide to stay a bit longer will find plenty of accommodation to choose from as well as decent restaurants.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to get to Jepara is by flying into the international airport in Jakarta and then taking a bus to Jepara (60 minutes). There are also regular buses from other major towns and cities in central Java such as Demak.

Things to Do

Jepara Attractions

Kartini Beach

Located just on the edge of town, this tranquil beach area is popular with families and people who want to relax for a while.

Songgolangit Waterfall

It is believed by the local people that swimming and bathing in the water of this 80 meter high waterfall will keep the skin and body young.