Purwokerto Travel Guide

Situated between Jakarta and Yogyarta in central Indonesia, Purwokerto is a sleepy town surrounded by natural beauty such as natural hot spring and forests.

Although this is not the most exciting place in the area, Purwokerto makes a good stopping off point on the way to Indonesia’s larger cities. There are plenty of places to stay in the town, as well as good restaurants. For those who enjoy camping, there is a pretty campsite just to the north of the town. __

Most people travel to Purwokerto in order to visit the picturesque site of Baturaden, which is located just to the north. Famous for its hot spring, many people visit for a few hours before returning to Purwokerto in the evening for a good meal and a little entertainment.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to get to Purwokerto is by flying to Jakarta’s international airport and then catching the train with a journey time of 4 hours. There are also regular buses to Purwokerto’s large bus station from Jakarta (9 hours) and other cities such as Yogyakarta (5 hours), Semarang (6 hours) and Bandung (7 hours).

Things to Do

Purwokerto Attractions

Museum Bank

This museum is located in jalan bank and dedicated to the pioneer of the indonesian banking system, ra wiriatmaja.

Side trips from Purwokerto


Located just 15kms to the north of purwokerto at the foot of the picturesque gunung slamet volcano, the area is famous for its soothing hot springs as well and hiking and camping opportunities.