Cirebon Travel Guide

Cirebon is a port town on the northeast coast of West Java with an interesting disposition and easy access. The town has plenty of historical attractions worth checking out and several unique dishes to its name.

Cirebon was originally established in 1865 by the Dutch East India Company due to its enviable location on the coast near to sugar and spice plantations. One thing worth checking out for those interested in the trade is the old sugar mills.

Local palaces, known as_ kratons_, are the main highlight of Cirebon. They are Kraton Kasepuhan, Kraton Kanoman, Grave of Sunan Gunungjati, and Gua Sunyaragi. Sunan Gunungjati’s grave is just outside of town and comes with a temple and cave system that was built by Chinese architects in the 19th century.

A must-do while in Cirebon is to try one of its signature dishes that are available in the many restaurants here. The most popular is known as nasi jamblang and features steamed rice and flavorings wrapped up in a leaf from a teak tree.

Getting There & Away

Cirebon is 300kms east of Jakarta via highway through Bandung. Trains make the journey from Gambir Station in the capital aboard the Cirebon Express in a little over 3 hours. Cirebon has a small airport, an hour’s flight from Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Things to Do

Cirebon Attractions

Cirebon’s palaces

The main attraction is the four palaces - sunan gunungjati grave being the most interesting with its temple and caves.

Side trips from Cirebon

Trusmi village

Situated five kilometers from cirebon, trusmi is known for its batik production, with an excellent selection and good prices.