Pelabuhan Ratu Travel Guide

For those who want to relax in the sun in lush surroundings, Pelabuhan Ratu is a picturesque beach resort where peace and quiet is guaranteed.

Surfing is the main attraction here and surfers travel from all over the world to catch the waves at one of the areas beautiful beaches. The most popular beaches include: Cimaja, Sunset, Karang Sari and Karang Aji beaches. There is not an abundance of night spots here, but the natural beauty of the area more than makes up for it.

Pelabuhan Ratu itself is a floating village where traditional skills are still practiced. When it comes to dining, fresh fish is top of the menu, prepared in both traditional Javanese style as well as being barbequed on the beach. Simply sling a hammock between the trees and drift for a while.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to get to Pelabuhan Ratu is from Jakarta, which has its own international airport. Buses regularly run to Pelabuhan Ratu from Jakarta (2 hours) as well as nearby towns and cities such as Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Things to Do

Pelabuhan Ratu Attractions

Cimaja Beach

This world famous surfing spot is also a good place for swimming and sunbathing.

Sunset Beach

As the name suggests, this is the perfect place to gather in the evening and watch the dying of the day.