Batu Karas Travel Guide

Batu Karas is a small coastal village and surfing beach near to Pangandaran in southeast West Java. Most visitors come for the beach, which is laid back and has some excellent surf.

The village of Batu Karas is about 30kms west of Pangandaran and is a bit of a pain to get to. This makes it all the more appealing for visitors as it’s quieter and less touristy than other popular Javan beaches. The swimming and surfing on Batu Karas beach is good and there are also several hotels and restaurants.

The wave is an easy right-hander, point-break which features long rides on good days. The beach has lifeguards and good facilities and is also safe enough for toddlers to enjoy. Surfboards and lessons are available here.

Batu Karas also has many pleasant nearby attractions, including the Green Canyon, which is accessible by boat or by motorcycle. It is 20 minutes away by boat from Batu Karas and comes with nice swimming. Also nearby to Pangandaran is a pretty national park toward the southern end of the peninsular.

Getting There & Away

Batu Karas is 32kms by road from Pangandaran, an hour by bus via Cijulang. The nearest airport is the main airport in Jakarta, although Pangandaran has a small airport and receives flights from the capital with Susi Air. Cessnas land on the beach airstrip in Pangandaran, about 90 minutes’ flight time from Jakarta.

Things to Do

Batu Karas Attractions

Batu Karas Beach

The main attraction in batu karas, the beach is small and laid back, with a good right-hand point break.

Side trips from Batu Karas

Green Canyon

Situated about 20 minutes by boat away from batu karas, this canyon is surprisingly large and has fantastic swimming potential.

Pangandaran Beach

The main beach in the region features good surf, and more facilities and hotels.


Pangandaran Surf Festival

An annual event in pangandaran in july with a surf competition at the beach and food, drink and music.