Gunung Halimun National Park Travel Guide

Situated in West Java, the stunning Gunung Halimun National Park is a must-see for nature lovers, featuring mountain terrain, deep canyons, rivers and waterfalls.

Trekking is popular here and there are numerous trails to choose from, most taking several hours and leading deep into the forest. Luckily, there are also natural hot springs located in the park, and soaking away aches and pains in the hot water makes a great end to a strenuous day of hiking.

There is a diverse range of animals living in the park such as the Javan gibbon, Javan leaf-monkey, and black leaf-monkey. Visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of these shy creatures will need to get up early though. There is accommodation at the park although it is fairly basic.

The nearest village to Gunung Halimun National Park is Bogor, which is about 30 minutes away by car. It can be difficult to reach the park by public transport, and many people opt for hiring a car with a driver, perhaps forming a group of three or four people in Bogor and sharing the cost between them.

Getting There & Away

Access is from Jakarta, where there is an international airport. From Jakarta, the village of Bogor is just a 90-minute train journey away or a 2-hour bus ride away. There are also regular buses to Bogor from Bandung (3 hours).