Chaiya sits in Surat Thani Province in the south of Thailand and is full of archaeological wonders, including many stupa, ruins and temples. Chaiya is one of Thailand’s oldest cities and served as a regional capital of Srivijaya from the 5th to the 13th century.

It is bordered by Chumphon and Ranong and encompassed in the east by the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. This area is full of beaches and flat land, with great diving opportunities and swimming. The towering mountains that make up the Phuket mountain range are found in the west of Chaiya, filling the place with a diversity of environments.

Chaiya has an air of mystery and is surrounded by legends. Archaeological data shows that Chaiya was a human colony in the prehistoric era, with strong ties to Chinese and Indian heritage. There is plenty of history for visitors to absorb by exploring the local museums and religious sites.

Getting There & Away

Chaiya has a decent train station that is situated on the southern train line and is the main station in the district with services to and from major tourist destinations. Thailand’s Route 41 passes the city for those traveling by bus or car. The nearest domestic airport is in Surat Thani and the closest international airport is 260 miles away in Bangkok.

Things to Do

Chaiya Attractions

Phra Borom That Chaiya

Only one mile from the train station, this 1,200-year-old pagoda has been beautifully restored and houses historic relics and a small museum.

Wat Suan Mohkha Phalaram

A temple set in dense forest and known as the ‘monastery of flowing water’ by local thais.

Kaeng Krung National Park

Easily reached from chaiya, this national park is full of green forest, flowing rivers and waterfalls, and an array of wildlife.

Phumriang Village

This muslim village is only five miles east of chaiya and has a quaint arts and crafts center full of silk cloths and handmade headwear.

Suan Mokh Meditation Retreat

also known as the ‘garden of liberation’, this meditation retreat has basic accommodation set in forest surroundings where visitors learn the relaxing art of meditation.