Chumphon Travel Guide

Chumphon is a town in Thailand that is mainly used as a transit area; a busy hub for those wanting to reach the south by land from Bangkok. Most people pass through rather than stay, although there is a nice beach and a scattering of resorts.

As it is a transit town, it is well catered to tourists. Travel agents are in abundance here so you will never be stuck without an onward ticket or fresh ideas on where to go next. Traveling north just a few miles and you will find golden sandy beaches that are fairly active with kite surfing and water sports. To the south of Chumphon are a handful of Thai resort beaches that can get busy at the weekends.

There is not much in the way of nightlife in Chumphon as most of the people staying in the town are only there for a night or two. There are no fast food outlets but there are lots of restaurants who offer a small selection of western foods. There are plenty of local food stalls selling barbecued meats and dried squid.

Getting There & Away

Bangkok has the nearest international airport and from there, you can catch a six hour bus or four hour train ride to Chumphon. A high speed catamaran serves the east coast islands of Ko Tao, Ko Phangan and Ko Samui and back to Chumphon. There are also train services to and from Malaysia from Chumphon train station.

Things to Do

Chumphon Attractions

Night Food Market

Choose from many different local dishes to eat and wander the stalls.