Chumphon Province Travel Guide

A popular gateway to surrounding islands, Chumphon province in the south of Thailand is worth visiting for its splendid natural beauty.

A medium-sized province located about 285 miles (460kms) south of Bangkok, Chumphon has been always been a pit stop for those traveling to other destinations in the south of Thailand, especially to Koh Tao, known for its relaxing atmosphere and diving.

However, Chumphon also has many interesting sights worth stopping by. The province has been a battle field both during the Burmese wars and the Japanese invasion during WWII.

Apart from its geographical significance, Chumphon is also home to many beautiful natural gems including an array of scenic waterfalls and caves. Surrounding the province are serene islands with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Hat Sai Ri in Chumphon provincial capital has also become a popular spot for beach lovers.

Even though Chumphon doesn’t have extensive facilities for tourists, the old-school hospitality and accommodations are hard to resist. Many cheap, friendly hotels are scattered around the province, while exploring the area on a motorbike can be fun.

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