Battambang, also known as Batdambang, is not on every visitor’s itinerary to Cambodia due to its remote location and lack of tourist infrastructure although is ideal for the adventure type into ancient sites and roughing it.__

You’ll find Battambang in the Cambodian northwest; a fairly interesting large provincial town of French colonial architecture and loads of temples. Most people head out to visit the temples, including that of the near 1,000-year-old Wat Ek and the hilltop Barseat Temple.

Other Battambang highlights include the many natural resorts in the area, including Phnom Sam Pov Resort with its natural wells and old temples amid a mountain setting.

Getting There & Away

Most people fly into Phnom Penh or Siem Reap international airports, from where buses and shared taxis run to Battambang. Although the trip takes the best part of a day from Phnom Penh, it is the only option since Battambang Airport is closed.

Things to Do

Battambang Attractions

Phnom Sampeu

This hill contains the infamous killing caves of the khmer rouge, along with buddhist caves and a hilltop monastery.

Battambang colonial buildings

These fine structures are dotted about the town and along the river, of which the grand french era governor’s house is the most famous.

Wat Banan

This mini-angkor wat temple features a long flight of stairs up to a buddhist shrine.

Wat Baydamram

This temple has hundreds of residents, in the form of fruit bats which live in the trees.

Wat Ek Phnom

Built in 1027, wat ek lies a few miles out of town and is also in the angkor-style, with its delightful surroundings being its greatest asset.

Battambang statues

Look for the khmer king holding a stick on the main road from phnom penh.


A nearby small town on the thai border famed for its stones and gems.

Sek Sak Resort

Featuring many prehistoric sites and natural resources.

Onward Travel