Located in the northwest of Cambodia, Batdambang’s name is related to the legend of Preah Bat Dambang Kranhoung and literally means ‘loss of stick’. Known as the ‘rice bowl of Cambodia’, the rural province is also used for the raising of livestock and fishing. The Sangker River winds through the province, which is loaded with French colonial architecture.

Batdambang town features a number of interesting temples, highlights of which include Wat Ek, built in 1027; Barseat Temple, which overlooks the town from upon a hill; and Ba Nan Temple, which sits upon a mountain just outside of town. Another architectural attraction is the 12th century stupas of Prasat Snung.

The province is home to a number of natural resorts. Phnom Sam Pov Resort features natural wells and ancient temples surrounded by picturesque mountains which form the setting for many local legends. Sek Sak Resort has long attracted local tourists to its prehistoric sites and natural resources.

Other highlights include the 10th century temple Wat Banan, which has been likened to the great Angkor Wat; the large dam at Kamping Pouy; and the small town of Pailin, which lies near the border with Thailand. Pailin is famed for its mining of precious stones and gems.

Cambodia’s second largest provincial capital, Batdambang has historically been the commercial center of the eastern provinces of Siam and connects Phnom Penh with Thailand. Visited mainly by small numbers of local tourists, the town of Batdambang features several accommodation options while the rest of the province offers home stay options.

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