Nabire Travel Guide

Situated on the north coast of Papua in the center of the great Cendrawasih Bay, Nabire is surrounded by mountains and dense forest.

Most visitors to Nabire use the town as a base to visit Teluk Cendrawasih National Park, which is full of interesting attractions such as hot springs, sea cruises, exploring the underwater coral reefs and the island of Rumberpon.

Those who enjoy spending time outdoors will find plenty of trekking trails in this area, and there are several traditional villages located just outside Nabire that make for interesting places to visit. Mountain climbers can also hire a guide to help them traverse the steep sides of the town’s rocky outcrops.

Although it is possible to spend the night in Nabire, accommodation tends to be on the basic side, and many people opt to stay in Port Moresby and visit Nabire on a daytrip. However, those who want to learn about the way of life in Nabire might find home stay accommodation an interesting option.

Getting There & Away

Nabire has its own airport so getting here is pretty simple. The nearest international airport is at Port Moresby and it is possible to get a connecting flight from here to Nabire (30 minutes). There are also connecting flights to Nabire from airports in nearby towns and cities such as Jayapura, Biak and Manokwari.

Things to Do

Nabire Attractions

Teluk Cendrawasih National Park

Take a motorboat along the river from nabire to explore this large and lovely park, which is home to 146 species of animals.