Pulau Singkep Travel Guide

At the southern end of the Lingga Archipelago lies the beautiful and friendly island of Singkep. Once a great tin-producing island, Singkep is now slowly emerging as another hot tourist spot in the stunning Riau Islands.

Singkep’s heyday boomed when tin exports kept the island buzzing up until the 1990s. Today, it’s a sleepy backwater destination, ideal for experiencing the island-style life of the locals in this part of Indonesia. The people are very friendly and the beaches are comparable to most of those in the Riau chain, giving this island great potential to become another resort destination.

The main town, Dabo, lies in the middle of the eastern coast. This laid-back town has wide streets and a classic island vibe. There isn’t much to do here, but Cetiya Dharma Ratna is an interesting Chinese temple worth checking out. Dabo’s markets are also a feature worth exploring.

Jago is the other main town on Singkep. It is located on the northern coast and serves as the main harbor for the island. There are some basic accommodation and restaurants in both towns.

Getting There & Away

Jago is the main port for ferries to Sumatra and beyond, although Dabo also handles regular boat service to neighboring islands like Lingga. The easiest way to reach Singkep is a direct ferry from Tanjung Pinang on the island of Bintan. Bintan is serviced by regular ferries from Singapore (2 hours), Malaysia and Indonesia every day of the week.