Pulau Penuba Travel Guide

Located in the strait between Lingga Island and Singkep Island, Pulau Penuba is a tiny little island with a lot to offer the intrepid beach hopper. Two small towns on either end of the island provide basic traveler amenities, but it’s the fantastic beaches that lure visitors here.

There are superb beaches on both Penuba’s northern and southern coasts. The only town on the southern side of the island is Penuba. It has a few shops, basic accommodation and a local mosque. On the northern shore is the town of Tanjung Dua, an equally small and unremarkable place.

Both of these towns serve as decent bases for enjoying the truly stunning stretches of sand and sea that dot these sides of Penuba Island. The swimming is excellent, as is the snorkeling. Don’t expect anything in the way of nightlife or entertainment but that’s how most visitors to this virtually unknown destination like it.

Getting There & Away

Visitors can reach this tiny island either from Lingga or Singkep via boat. Regular public boats run between Jago on Pulau Singkep and Tanjung Buton on Pulau Lingga several times during the daytime as demand calls. The boat trip takes only 10 minutes or so.

If you are in a rush to get to Pulau Penuba you can easily charter your own boat, but be sure and barter hard to get a fair price. Singapore is the most common starting point to reach this remote place, and the journey takes several hours and a couple of boat changes.