Tanjung Pinang Travel Guide

Tanjung Pinang is the main town on the island of Bintan, which is part of the Riau Island group. This busy little port receives nearly all of the ferry traffic to the Riau Islands, and is an interesting town to explore.

Its location along the shipping hub of the Malacca Strait has long ensured that Tanjung Pinang attracts a steady flow of seafaring merchants, tourists, and other global travelers. A large part of the town still has its traditional buildings, which are built on stilts and dangle over the water.

This is the main urban hub on Bintan Island, and an ideal spot to feast on fresh seafood. Being the capital of the Riau Archipelago, this town offers as much city life as you’ll find in the region. There is one small museum in town that showcases some of the history and culture of the Riau Islands.

Getting There & Away

Visitors can get to Bintan Island easily from Singapore, Johor Bahru (Malaysia), or Batam (Indonesia). Most international travelers come from Singapore or Johor Bahru as they have the best air connections. There is a small airport 10kms outside of Tanjung Pinang that handles a few regional flights. Bintan is the main domestic seaport in the Riau Islands so ferries arrive daily from many neighboring destinations like Singapore (2 hours).

Things to Do

Tanjung Pinang Attractions

The port

This is the main port in the riau archipelago so there’s always lots of colorful action happening by the waterside.

Local museum

This small but useful museum will give you an insight into the local history and culture of bintan island.