Pasemah Highlands Travel Guide

The Pasemah Highlands are a remote part of South Sumatra Province, famed for their nice landscapes and mysterious archaeological sites.

The highlands reside in the Bukit Barisan Mountains, with the 70km section between Lahat and Pagar Alam being the most interesting part.

Between these two cities are more than two-dozen archaeological sites featuring terraced sanctuaries, carved boulders, and chamber tombs. Some of the remains are close to 2,000 years old, with many implements existing from the Bronze Age.

The Pasemah Highlands is a curious and remote place that is not easily accessible and is off the beaten path somewhat. Not much is known about the landscape or the ancient sites.

There are also many strange creatures and plants in the Pasemah Highlands, including the huge, smelly rafflesia arnoldii flower. Pagar Alam is the main gateway town of the Pasemah Highlands and is a decent enough base located close to the Bengkulu border.

Getting There & Away

The South Sumatra capital of Palembang is the closest major town, yet Bengkulu City is the nearest town with an airport. Bengkulu Airport is about 150kms from Pagar Alam and receives flights from Jakarta (1 hour) as well as from Palembang, Medan and Bandarlampung. The bus journey from Bengkulu to Pagar Alam takes about 5 hours.