Krui Travel Guide

Krui is a modest beach town on the southwestern coast of Sumatra, renowned among global surfers as home of one of the best breaks on Sumatra. The interesting town of Krui has adequate facilities to support the few visiting surfers.

It’s unlikely you’ll see any other foreigners who are not in Krui to surf. But Krui is still an interesting and undiscovered travel destination inhabited by the Lampung Krui, a friendly Muslim people.

Located right on the edge of the massive Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Krui is an exposed beach with a reef break that has reliable surf. May to October is the best time to catch the swells that roll in from the west, and during this dry season the town of Krui and its surrounding surf camps are at their busiest. But it’s still far from crowded.

Krui is home to the Sumatran Pipeline, a legendary left break that is the longest on Sumatra. The waves are almost always empty since the site is still relatively unknown. Complementing the excellent surf is a wealth of surrounding traditional villages, wildlife and national parks ideal for exploring the nature of Southern Sumatra.

Getting There & Away

The quickest way to reach Krui is to fly into Jakarta and then catch a domestic flight to Bengkulu or Bandar Lampun. From either of these two towns it’s a 5 to 8 hour drive to Krui depending on the weather. It is also possible to reach Krui by a combination of ferry and road travel but this method takes quite a bit longer.

Things to Do

Krui Attractions

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park

This long strip of national park literally encircles the area around krui and is an excellent place to explore the jungles of sumatra.

Sumatran Pipeline

The longest left break on all of sumatra is considered a legendary spot worthy of surfing at least once in your lifetime.