Ketapang Travel Guide

Ketapang lies on the southwest coast of West Kalimantan in southern Borneo on the Pawan River Delta. It’s a small town with not much appeal for tourists, bar some nearby beaches and Gunung Palung National Park.

Ketapang is small although the regency it stands over is fairly large, population wise. Due to its westerly locale, Ketapang has a multicultural makeup, with Chinese living side by side with native Indonesians. The Kelenteng Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple is worth a look for culture-vultures.

There are several beaches around Ketapang and the fact that it has an airport makes it all the more appealing. Sungai Jawi Beach is one of the prettiest and is a few kilometers out, while Tanjung Batu Beach is farther afield. One of the main reasons people visit Ketapang is as an entry point for the nearby Gunung Palung National Park.

Getting There & Away

Rahadi Osman Airport serves Ketapang with flights coming in from Pontianak (the West Kalimantan capital), as well as from Semarang on Java, the nearest major airport. Flight time is around 90 minutes. Minibuses run to Gunung Palung National Park in about 2 hours from town.

Things to Do

Ketapang Attractions

Sungai Jawi Beach

One of the main attractions in ketapang features nice, soft sands and good swimming.

Side trips from Ketapang

Gunung Palung National Park

The main attraction is this fine park 50kms to the northeast which features a huge range of flora and fauna, along with hot springs and caves.