Singkawang Travel Guide

Situated in West Kalimantan, Singkawang is one of Indonesia’s most interesting cities, with plenty of attractions to amuse and entertain visitors from all walks of life.

Singkawang’s main attraction is its temples, and there are literally hundreds to explore. However, there are plenty of other things to see and do such as a beautiful beach, lush parks, monuments and museums. This former Chinese governed trading city still retains examples of the distinctive Chinese style, now blended with local influences.

Singkawang’s many cultural influences make this a great place to eat. Chinese food tends to dominate cheap food stalls, while the must try local specialties include rujak ju hie - rojak with dried squid - and kembang tahu - tofu with sugar and thick sauce. Bon app├ętit!

Getting There & Away

Singkawang is best reached from Pontianak, where there is a large airport with regular flights from Jakarta (2 hours) and Kuching (1 hour). There is a regular bus service connecting Pontianak with Singkawang (three hours) and buses also run to Singkawang from places such as Kuching and Sambas (2 hours).

Things to Do

Singkawang Attractions

Vihara Chikung

This large and lovely taoist temple was originally founded by the singaporeans.

Bukit Bougenville

Singkawang’s botanical garden is a great place to relax for a while.

Side trips from Singkawang

Pasir Panjang

Located just 17kms south of singkawang, this beach resort is the perfect place to soak up the sun.