The river-laden area of Central Kalimantan is part of the Indonesian island of Borneo. The region is heavily dominated by rivers and the Dayak ethnic group, whose culture can be enjoyed in many locations. Its provincial capital is the city of Palangkaraya, a pleasant town hemmed in between two rivers.

There are a number of interesting cultural and natural attractions in the lush jungles of Central Kalimantan. The main city of Palangkaraya has plenty to see and do, such as the Culture Museum, which has an impressive collection of historic and cultural items from all across the region.

Also near the capital is the popular Tangkiling Nature Reserve, a lovely park with several rivers, amazing scenery and plenty of outdoor recreation activities on offer. Also worth visiting are Taha’I Lake and Bangkirai Lake, both of which are ideal for boating and fishing, or just lounging on the shore.

Seaside options include Kubu Beach and Tanjung Keluang Beach, the latter of which is located right next to Tanjung Puting National Park. This beach is very popular with tourists for its white sand and pleasant waters.

Other highlights in Central Kalimantan include the town of Kapuas, with its quaint fishing village at Telo Island. Rafters won’t want to miss the white water at Gohong Rawai, just outside of Kapuas. Ujung Pandaran is the place to head for sun and sand, while Tanjung Puting National Park is well known for its Orangutan Rehabilitation Center and incredible jungle environment.

Getting There & Away

The provincial capital, Palangkaraya, has the region’s main airport (Panarung Airport) that handles daily flights from Jakarta, Solo, Surabaya, and Banjarmasin. The flight from Jakarta takes a couple of hours, but the flight from Banjarmasin takes just 40 minutes. Travelers already in Borneo can reach Palangkaraya by speedboat or riverbus. Both of these options provide amazing scenery during the leisurely journey and are highly recommended.

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