Ibiza is the primary town on the Balearic Island of the same name. It’s a pulsating nightspot popular among ravers for the prominent DJs it attracts. The party atmosphere is balanced out, especially in the off-season, by a quieter, more mature crowd who come for the white-sand beaches, resort options and yachting. Medieval, white-washed houses in the old quarter are the most prominent remnant of a long and interesting history.

The town of Ibiza juggles a variety of contrasting elements. Despite the constant thrust of modernization, many visitors are nevertheless drawn by the 3,000 years of history and ancient relics found in the museums. Plush, modern hotels stand alongside 500-year-old gothic houses and are hemmed in on all sides by the old fortified walls.

The island’s visitors strike another sharp contrast. Ibiza has recently become synonymous with wild nights and raging parties. However, the faint of heart have no trouble finding their own niche in the quieter havens and resort areas, where you can set your own pace and find as much (or as little) to do as you please.


Punica del Puig des Molins: this ancient and well-preserved necropolis was used by Carthage more than a thousand years ago.

Ibiza old town: also called Dalt Vila, the cobblestone lanes, medieval houses and old harbor help foster an Old World feel in a town that has been under constant development for more than two and a half millennia.

Cova des Culleram: this gargantuan cave was formerly a shrine to the Carthaginian goddess Tanoit, and was rediscovered in the early 20th century.

Museum of Archaeology: dedicated to the prehistory of the island, this collection of Punic artifacts is housed in the old town arsenal.

Museum of Contemporary Art: a fusion of new and old traditions, modern art exhibits are housed in this historic building in the old town (Dalt Vila).

Santa Gertrudis: a glimpse into the genuine culture of Ibiza, with little shops selling handicrafts and quiet restaurants serving delicious local seafood, can be had in this quaint inland hamlet.

Paseo Vara de Rey: one of the major retail and entertainment areas of town, this avenue stays awake and energetic for long hours after the sun sets.