Toledo Travel Guide

Situated on the west coast of the large island of Cebu, Toledo is a somewhat overlooked by visitors to the region as it is not quite as picture perfect as other parts of the island.

Most people travel to Toledo to visit its three beautiful beaches, which are located just nine kilometers to the south of the city. Known as Louie II, Ygay Beach and Villa Isanga Summer Place, these beaches are less touristy than many in the Philippines, making them good places to relax and soak up the sun for a few hours.

Although not the most exciting or visually stunning place in the Philippines, what Toledo lacks in entertainment it makes up for in tranquility. People come to snooze under sunshades, undisturbed by the pumping music from beach bars that spoil many other areas.

Getting There & Away

The best way to reach Toledo is via the city of Cebu, which has its own international airport with regular flights from Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. There are also connecting flights from other major cities in the Philippines such as Manila (90 minutes). There are regular buses from Cebu to Toledo (3 hours)

Things to Do

Toledo Attractions

Villa Isanga Summer Place

This beautiful beach features cool, clear water and plenty of space to spread out on the sand.