Gibraltar Travel Guide

Gibraltar is a British Oversees Territory. This strategically important place has a number of interesting destinations, such as the Europa Point, the point where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, and from which the coast of Africa can be sighted.

The Upper Rock that functions as a military installation and the nature reserve that is home to the Barbary Macaque apes are also popular. Tourists can also enjoy watching the Dolphins while out on the bay, or exploring the limestone caves. St Michael’s Cave, a natural grotto used by neolithic human beings and historic Siege Tunnels also attract tourists to Gibraltar.

Getting There

Gibraltar has direct daily connecting flights from London, Gatwick, Manchester and Luton. Traveling to Gibraltar by bus or road from Spain is easy as the land borders between these two countries are open 24 hours a day.

Weather & Climate

The climate of Gibraltar is typically Mediterranean in nature with mild winters and warm summers.