Dong Nai Province Travel Guide

Located east of Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai is one of the most important economic hubs in the country, thanks to its privileged location adjacent to the Ho Chi Minh City Port and Tan Son Nhat International Airport. There are many international factories and warehouses located around the city and in surrounding areas.

The city of Bien Hoa, the biggest city in the province, is home to a number of bazaar-styled markets and shopping malls. Western chain restaurants and grocery stores as well as various entertainment options can be expected in this fast-growing city.

The surrounding areas of Bien Hoa are home to a variety of natural wonders and historical gems. Dong Nai river is ideal for a cruise to admire the villages located on the both sides of the banks while the beautiful Tri An waterfall, about 50kms (30 miles) from the city center, and Buu Long mountain and pagoda are worth a visit.

Beach lovers should visit Long Hai and Phuoc Hai beaches, about 100kms (62 miles) from Bien Hoa. Pomelo Tan Trieu village, a short drive away, is where you can taste local pomelos and other kinds of fruits.

The province of Dong Nai features a wide range of facilities for travelers and countless accommodations. Convenience stores, fresh markets and malls are scattered everywhere while transportation is excellent, with Dong Nai being home to several national roads crossing the province.

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