Southeast Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam’s coastline is long and varied, with the best beaches located in the south. December to May are dry, hot and humid months, and are generally regarded as the best time of year to visit. During the monsoon season, it tends to rain only in short showers, so the beaches can be enjoyed year round.

Just a three-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City is the stunning stretch of sand known as Mui Ne Bay. Rang Beach, out to the north, is worth a visit, but Mui Ne Beach is the most beautiful beach in the area, and its famous sand dunes are a sight to behold.

More and more tourists are coming to Mui Ne Beach for the excellent wind and kite surfing. The area’s reputation is growing among adventure travelers. Besides the beauty of the beach, a good wind here is almost guaranteed.

Bordering Cambodia is the coastline of Ha Tien with its beautiful beaches. This was the backdrop for the French film L’Amant (The Lover) in 1995. With its baby-soft white sand and calm, near-perfect water, Hon Chong Beach is an understandably popular spot. Nearby Tien Cave is the place to visit for its arresting rock formations.

Scuba divers will enjoy the waters around the Hai Tac islets, accessible from Ha Tien by boat. The largest of these, Hon Doc, is known for its pristine white beaches.

Off Ha Tien lies Vietnam’s largest island, Phu Quoc. Its ancient forests, gorgeous white beaches, and mountainous scenery make it a haven for nature lovers. Bai Truong is a great place to get fit by hiking over sandy paths to reach lonely beaches. Major developments are planned for Bai Khem and Bai Thom.

If you tire of the beaches, there is plenty more to do. The hot spring at Thap Ba is a splendid place to spend an afternoon, and children will love the Phu Dong Water and Amusement Park in Nha Trang.

Take a boat to Monkey Island, or spend a morning browsing one of the city’s markets for souvenirs, local artwork, hand made clothes, and a spectacular array of exotic fruit and vegetables. Nha Trang boasts a vibrant nightlife and is a great place to shop and explore its interesting temples.