Binh Phuoc Province Travel Guide

Binh Phuoc, in the southeast part of Vietnam, is little known by tourists. The province is home to various ethic tribes and hence an ideal place to get a glimpse of an authentic Vietnamese lifestyle. English is hardly spoken here, even in Dong Xoai, the provincial capital.

However, there are a few sights worth visiting. The Ta Thieng Army Base features well-preserved relics from the Vietnam War. A few waterfalls, including the beautiful Dakmai, are located up in the hills, but some serious hiking is required to get to these gorgeous sights. Ba Ra Mountain is also ideal for enthusiastic hikers.

As a hidden gem, Binh Phuoc doesn’t have any tourist facilities. Menus in the restaurants are all in Vietnamese therefore visiting with a guide is recommended; it can be tough to explore otherwise. Access to the province is via Ho Chi Minh City to the south.