Red River Delta Travel Guide

Bac Ninh Province – the smallest and most densely-populated province in Vietnam, Bac Ninh is home to many crafts centers at Ding Bang, Tho Ha, Phu Lang, Bac Ninh city and Ding Ho. Popular spots include Dau pagoda and Phu Dong and Eight Kings temples.

Ha Nam Province – located near Hanoi, Ha Nam features agriculture, craftsmanship and industry. Popular spots include the capital, Phy Ly, Long Doi Son pagoda, Truc temple, and Ngu Dong Son and Cam caves.

Hai Duong Province – in the middle of a network formed by the Thai Binh, Hong and Luoc rivers, the province’s beautiful scenery features many lakes and ponds. Hai Duong is famed for local cuisine and pottery as well as Kiep Bac temple and the area around Con Son mountain.

Hai Phong Province – about 100kms from Hanoi, Hai Phong is the central seaport for northern Vietnam. Tourist spots such as elephant camps, small islands, cathedrals and colonial buildings abound.

Hung Yen Province – a province of fertile soil characterized by rice paddies and fruit orchards, the province of Hung Yen is famed for its cuisine and culture. Popular spots include the ancient port city of Pho Hien, Da Trach and Chu Dong temples, and the stunningly scenic Mau temple.

Nam Dinh Province – a province with a vivid cultural tradition, festivals are a big part of life in Nam Dinh. Nam Dinh city enjoys a range of festivals marking different historic events. Eco-tours through the many lakes and ponds are also popular.

Ninh Binh Province – historical destinations abound in this province, whose provincial capital was the capital of Vietnam in the 10th century. The temples of Hoa Lu are popular, as is Phat Diem cathedral, but the biggest destination is the cave complex at Tam Coc.

Thai Binh Province – a coastal province that enjoys 30 miles of sandy beaches, wide estuaries, mangrove forests and harbors. Performances of traditional opera and water puppets are popular. Ancestral temples, including Keo pagoda, are also big attractions.

Vinh Phuc Province – a mountainous province about 30 miles from Hanoi offering a wide range of cultural monuments and historic sites as well as famous holiday resorts. Tam Dao National Park, Tay Thien and Lake Dai Lai are amongst the most popular spots.