Bang Saphan Yai Travel Guide

Bang Saphan Yai is a rising star among the many beach destinations of southern Thailand. It is located on the mainland, just far enough from Hua Hin to be quiet and unpretentious.

Long a local hangout, Bang Saphan Yai is fast becoming a popular destination for tourists looking for a new spot to enjoy the sea and sand of southern Thailand. The beaches around here are very nice and have virtually no development. A handful of humble beach resorts and a few restaurants will ensure you are well-fed and watered.

The town itself offers only basic amenities and has little character, making the beaches the highlight. There are several of them strung along this section of the eastern coast of Thailand’s cape, along with two tiny private islands with exclusive resorts just offshore from the town.

The only real advantage of making your way to Bang Saphan Yai is to enjoy a quiet beach nearly devoid of foreigners. Beach junkies will probably want to add this one to their list before it inevitably gets overdeveloped.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport to Bang Saphan Yai is in Hua Hin, a couple hours to the north. The airport in Hua Hin has only limited service, so many people fly into Bangkok’s international airport and make onward transfers from there. Trains run right through the town from Bangkok every day and buses ply the southern route from Bangkok through Hua Hin and onwards to Chumphon.

Things to Do

Bang Saphan Yai Attractions

Bang Saphan Beach

This beach is closest to town and has the most amenities, but head a few minutes up or down the coast and you’ll find one empty beach after another.