Ba'a Travel Guide

Ba’a is the main town on the island of Rote (pronounced roti), which lies off the southwest coast of West Timor and is Indonesia’s most southerly island. Not much happens in Ba’a but it is the gateway to the best surfing on Rote.

Ba’a lies on the central/north coast of Rote, which is 80kms northeast to southwest. There’s not much here apart from a market and several guest houses. One fairly upmarket resort in Ba’a caters to surfers and takes them out to the best spots near Ba’a.

Surfers won’t want to stay in Ba’a long, however, with the best surf spots lying on the southwest coast of Rote at Nemberala. The waves here are pretty big and consistent, with the famous T-Land wave, or the Nemberala Left, being the cream of the crop and on par with Java’s G-Land.

Getting There & Away

Fast and standard ferries run to Rote from Kupang in West Timor, the nearest major town, taking 90 minutes and 4 hours respectively. Boats also run from Larantuka in southern Flores. The port in Rote is in Pantai Baru, a bemo ride away from Ba’a. From Bali’s international airport you can fly to Kupang in about 90 minutes.

Things to Do

Ba’a Attractions

Ba’a surf

Although not the best on the island of rote, ba’a does have some decent surf on its more remote beaches.

Side trips from Ba’a


The main destination on rote and a few hours south of ba’a by bus, nemberala is known for its large nemberala left (t-land).


HUS New Year Festival

For the traditional ethnic peoples of rote, this fun festival features cultural events and rituals in ba’a.