Nemberala Travel Guide

Nemberala is a fantastic surf destination on the small island of Rote in East Nusa Tenggara, southeastern Indonesia. It is a fun beach resort lying along a gorgeous white stretch of sand in southwestern Rote.

Nemberala’s main claim to fame is its T-Land wave, formerly known as the Nemberala Left. The name is in reference to the infamous G-Land on Java, although T-Land is far more forgiving.

The Nemberala Left is good even without tidal assistance, as well as out of season, and the take off is in four separate spots. They include the Point, Steeple, Magic Mountain, and Inner-tubes. Other waves to try out near to Nemberala include Bommie, Boa, and Suckies.

Apart from the surfing in Nemberala there is also some pretty good fishing and snorkeling, and the beautiful white beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Island hopping in this region is also popular along with scuba diving.

Getting There & Away

The gateway airport to Bali to Rote and Nemberala is Kupang in West Timor. Flight time from Bali (the nearest major airport) is 1 hour, 20 minutes. Ferry transfers from Kupang to Rote take 2 hours via high-speed ferry, from where it is a 90-minute transfer across to Nemberala.

Things to Do

Nemberala Attractions

Nemberala surf

This is the main attraction in nemberala, with the nemberala left (t-land) having great barrels in and out of season.

Nemberala Beach

A fantastic white beach which is almost idyllic and comes with great swimming and sunbathing.

Side trips from Nemberala

Other surf spots

Also nearby to nemberala for surfers are the following waves - suckies, bommie, and boa.


HUS New Year Festival

A fun festival every year in rote towns with all sorts of rituals and cultural goings on.