Wat Nivet Thammaprawat Travel Guide

Wat Nivet Thammaprawat is a Gothic style building in Bang Pa-in palace, Ayutthaya. It was one of the very first temples to be influenced by western design and is a must see for any culture buff.

It dates back to 1878 and was built under the instruction of King Rama V. It is reminiscent of an old English church and is unlike other more traditional temples throughout Thailand. In fact, it is one of the most distinctive temples in the entire country because of its stained glass windows and unique architectural style.

Despite being located within the palace grounds, Wat Nivet Thammaprawat is a site in its own right and time should be taken to fully explore it. Out the front, visitors will find a sundial with an inscription in both Thai and English; another rarity in Thailand. The sundial was also the idea of King Rama V and has proved popular with visitors and worshippers ever since.

Getting There & Away

Ayutthaya is the closest city and the site is just 1 hour away by road or rail from Bangkok’s international airport (the closest airport to the site). There are regular bus and train services to Ayutthaya from Bangkok’s central stations and once in Ayutthaya, it is possible to take a taxi to the temple.