Originally known as King George V National Park, Taman Negara is one of Malaysia’s best known national parks and has been a popular destination for outdoor and nature enthusiasts since its establishment in the late 1930s.

The park covers a massive 1,676 square-meter area and encompasses the three states of Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu. Pahang is the largest of the three states and is home to some of the most popular visitor destinations in the region.

Bird watching is a popular activity but with a range of animals including elephants, rhinoceroses, leopards, tigers and monkeys resident in the park, opportunities for viewing all manner of indigenous wildlife are excellent. Trekking is also popular with adventurous vacationers, as are fishing and caving.

Getting There & Away

The town of Jerantut is the gateway to Taman Negara and can be reached relatively easily by bus or train from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The bus is the speedier option of the two, taking just 3 hours, 30 minutes to complete the journey as opposed to 6 hours, 30 minutes by train. It’s possible also to take a bus from Kuantan, Melaka or Klang Temerloh. The country’s main international airport is at Kuala Lumpur.