Penang State Travel Guide

The second smallest state after Perlis consists of Penang Island with Georgetown, the state capital, and a continental area, Seberang Perai. Hosting many industries, Penang also has a lot of tourist attractions that are mostly remainders of its colonial past.

Georgetown is where most of Penang’s tourist sites are concentrated, though shopping lovers can also choose to go to Megamall Pinang at Seberang Perai. The city, named after British King George III, is loaded with heritage buildings from its colonial past, and a number of historical movies took place here including Anna and the King and Indochine.

Georgetown architecture witnesses the mix of cultures and traditions that has contributed to the success of the island: Kek Lok Si Chinese pagoda, Chaiya Mangkalaram Thai pagoda and its 33-meter long lying Buddha, Jalan Kapitan Keling mosque and Saint Georges cathedral.

Penang is easily accessed by air, rail and road.

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