Sungai Lamandau Travel Guide

The Lamandau River is one of the main river systems that runs through Central Kalimantan through Pangkalan Bun and out to the sea near Kumai. The river is a very popular site for river cruises to visit traditional upstream Dayak villages.

Most Dayaks living along the Sungai Lamandau are Tumon. The main excursion here is a multi-day boat trip to visit their longhouses. Speedboats are the normal mode of transport along the river, but sometimes you’ll have to switch to traditional klotok boats.

The tribes along the Lamandau are not as remote or traditional as other groups, but they still maintain their traditional crafts and culture. Visitors on these tours sleep with a Dayak family in their house, and can pick up some excellent authentic crafts. Kotawaringin and Bokonsu are two of the main villages on the tour.

Besides the Dayak scene, visitors can also access the Sungai Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, which is an important area for orangutans, proboscis monkeys, hornbills and other amazing animals. A stop at Camp Leakey will ensure a close-up encounter with wild orangutans.

Getting There & Away

The easiest access to Sungai Lamandau is via the main city in the region, Palangkaraya. Its Panarung Airport handles daily flights from Jakarta (2 hours) as well as flights from several other regional destinations. Once in Palangkaraya, it’s easy to arrange transport to reach the entry point of the Lamandau River.