Pangkalan Bun Travel Guide

Pangkalan Bun is the provincial capital of Kotawaringin Barat along the western border of Central Kalimantan. It’s a busy but small town with a history stretching back centuries.

In town, the 200-year-old Palace of Pangkalan Bun can be visited. It is the only Banjar royal structure left in Central Kalimantan. The region’s oldest mosque, Kyai Gede, is 300 years old and also a wonderful piece of living history.

Nature lovers will want to see the Tanjung Putting National Park, which is famous throughout Central Kalimantan for its wildlife and nature. There are four parts to the park, including beautiful beaches and a famous orang-utan conservation center known as Camp Leakey.

Other natural sites worth seeing are the coastal areas around Bugam Raya. The Bay of Bogam is particularly lovely and Keraya is a popular weekend getaway for locals. White Sand Beach not only has incredible sand but is also a major turtle conservation area. Also near Keraya is Patih Mambang Waterfall, which spills into the sea providing excellent surfing, scuba diving and fishing.

Getting There & Away

There is a small airport at Pangkalan Bun that services regular flights from Jakarta via Semarang (1 hour) and a handful of other small regional towns. Ferries run from the port town of Semarang on Java to Kumai, which is near Pangkalan Bun, though the trip takes about 20 hours.

Things to Do

Pangkalan Bun Attractions

Tanjung Putting National Park

This extensive preserve is best known for its orang-utan rehabilitation center, and also offers plenty of nature.

Kyai Gede

This 300-year-old mosque is the oldest in central kalimantan.


The most popular beach in the area is a great place to relax and hang out with some locals.

Patih Mambang Waterfall

It’s special to see a waterfall actually drop into the sea, and the recreation options here only add to the experience.