Palangka Raya Travel Guide

Palangka Raya is the capital of Central Kalimantan Province, and the largest city in the region. The town sits between the Sabangau and Kayahan rivers and offers an excellent range of cultural and natural highlights.

The main cultural highlight is the Culture Museum, which houses an extensive collection of historic costumes, weapons, relics and daily goods from the Dayak and other tribes that live in the region. Palangka Raya itself is a decent town to explore as it offers a good look at local life.

The nature reserves at Tangkiling and Tangkiling Hill are the best outdoor destinations within an hour. There are many small streams, a lake and trails for outdoor recreation. Bangkirai Lake is another lovely destination just minutes from town where you can relax amidst nature.

However, Taha’I Lake is perhaps the most popular lake for both locals and visitors. It is a great site for water sports, boating and the unique enjoyment to be found aboard one of the Adrift Houses that float on the lake. On the shores is the Arboretum, which offers a succinct look at local flora and fauna.

Getting There & Away

Panarung Airport provides steady air service from all around Borneo and Indonesian cities like Jakarta, Solo and Surabaya. Most flights take less than an hour, though Jakarta is about 2 hours away. The river is another wonderful way to reach Palangka Raya by either speedboat or riverbus.

Things to Do

Palangka Raya Attractions

Culture Museum

This is the place to learn about the dayak and other ethnic groups through the museum’s extensive collection.

Tangkiling Hill

For an outdoor excursion, it doesn’t get better than this nature park.

Taha’I Lake

Locals and tourists alike love the cool water and recreation options at this nearby lake.