Sungai Kolok is a boring Thai/Malaysia border town in Narathiwat Province, in the extreme southeast of Thailand. Not many people plan on spending time in Sungai Kolok, particularly after the terrorist bombings in 2005.

The most popular reason for stopping in Sungai Kolok is the shopping and nightlife although entertainment is better elsewhere in Thailand. Its busyness can be attributed mainly to visiting Malaysians. The Malay town over the border is Rantau Panjang, in the state of Kelantan, while Hat Yai is a better bet for stopping off at on the way north.

You could also stop short and check out the Thai Muslim provinces of Yala and Pattani before hitting Songkhla.

Getting There & Away

Direct air-conditioned buses to and from Bangkok are the best bet for getting to Sungai Kolok. The border is also served by rail although there is no crossing. Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the closest major airport to Sungai Kolok, a 10-hour bus journey away.

Things to Do

Sungai Kolok Attractions

Pa Phru To Daeng

This large peat swamp near sungai kolok is better than it sounds, with some stunning scenery and waterfalls.

Sungai Kolok transportation hub

The main attraction for most visitors who are just passing through, featuring a train station and buses and minibuses to destinations all over southern thailand and bangkok.