Located in the south of Thailand, Narathiwat is capital of the province of the same name; a Muslim majority place. The big draw is the region at large, with its pretty countryside and beaches.

Narathiwat town is a bit of a bore as far as Thai towns go and is not really worth the effort on its own merits, of which there are few. This, and the recent troubles with insurgency, has put a lot of tourists off. It also has a bit of an unfriendly feel after visiting other Thai towns, and although you can buy beer in the shops, there are no bars to speak of.

The best thing about Narathiwat is the proximity with primary rainforest in the nearby mountains, which are criss-crossed by four major rivers. There are also one or two really nice Gulf coast beaches worth checking out. If you are here in September, be sure to check out the Narathiwat Fair, while the Bang Nara Riverside Festival goes off every Saturday evening around the riverside promenade.

Getting There & Away

Narathiwat has an airport with flights from Bangkok although most people arrive by bus or train. A bus from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal goes daily and takes about 14 hours. Narathiwat is 1 hour, 30 minutes flight time from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Things to Do

Narathiwat Attractions

Hat Narathat

Narathat beach is one of the main attractions in narathiwat and is easy to get to.

Khao Tanyong National Park

The main thing to see here is the sublime ao manao beach.

Matsayit Klang

The central mosque can be found at the southern end of pichitbamrung road in narathiwat and is the main mosque in town.