Pattani can be found on the Malay Peninsula, almost as far south in Thailand as you can go. The Gulf of Thailand borders the northern part of the town while the Sankalakhiri mountain range lies in the south.

It is rarely visited by tourists, with most people who arrive here traveling up from Malaysia and heading straight to the beaches. It is also notorious for being home to militants who perpetrate terrorist acts in the deep south of the country. Before you consider visiting this town, it is worth getting travel advice from the Tourist Authority of Thailand or your own government.

Despite being plagued by militant troubles, Pattani boasts a wealth of sights. From historic temples to fascinating museums and from cultural landmarks to beautiful pristine beaches, Pattani has it all. There are also annual festivals which see the entire town join together, many bars, a selection of restaurants and a number of guest houses and hotels. It is a beautiful part of the country which unfortunately receives bad press because of its troubles.

Getting There & Away

There are daily buses, minibuses and trains from Pattani to Bangkok, Phuket and other towns in southern Thailand. It takes approximately 15 hours by bus to Bangkok, so be sure the take a VIP bus for as much comfort as possible. Pattani has a small airport which serves domestic routes only. Flights to and from Bangkok take about 1 hour, 30 minutes.

Things to Do

Pattani Attractions

Ta Chi Cape

This stunning peninsula fronts pattani bay and boasts stunning sandy beaches which stretch out as far as the eye can see. it is easily accessible from the center of town and is as picturesque as anywhere further north in the gulf. there are many fishing boats lined up here and a good choice of eateries, bars and convenience stores. the best activity here is sitting back and taking it easy.