Rayong Travel Guide

Often overlooked by foreign tourists, Rayong is a seaside town situated in the province of the same name and offering pretty beaches and scenic natural surroundings. To Bangkokians, the town is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, the journey between the two places taking just two hours.

Though tourism contributes somewhat to the local economy, fishing and the production of fish-derived products are the town’s main source of income. There are also auto and chemical industries operating in the province.

Historically, Rayong is remembered for having once given home to Somdet Phrachao Taksin Maharaj a.k.a Taksin the Great, after the fall of Ayutthaya. This great monarch sought refuge in the area while he amassed enough soldiers to form his own navy in order to continue his campaign against the Burmese.

Getting There & Away

From Bangkok there are buses from the airport and from both its main bus stations; the journey generally takes around two hours but can be longer during peak periods. The alternative is to hire a car and make your own way to the town.

Things to Do

Rayong Attractions

The beaches

The best beaches are a short drive or bus/taxi ride away from the town center and include payoon, pala and mae rumphueng.

Khao Wong Caves

Approximately seven and a half miles from the town center are these fascinating natural caves, parts of which are occupied by buddhist monks.