Located in Thailand’s eastern region, Chantaburi is famous for its outdoor gemstone and fruit markets. Approximately four hours’ drive east along the highway from Bangkok, Chantaburi is historically famous as the town where King Taksin rebuilt his defeated army and returned by sea to Ayutthaya, where he routed the invading Burmese and reclaimed the destroyed capital.

Today, it is renowned throughout the region for its fruit markets, with durian being particularly popular here, and gem fairs. Sapphires and rubies are abundant, sold and traded at the weekend street market on Si Chan road, or Gem road, within town.

In addition to a number of popular temples and interesting monuments and museums from the period of French occupation, Chantaburi possesses great natural beauty. Beaches at Laem Sadet and Khung Krabem or the waterfalls within Phliu National Park are to name only a few of the most visited sites. Accommodations can be arranged at sites of interest throughout the province.

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