Pulau Enggano Travel Guide

Pulau Enggano (Enggano Island) is a remote island off the south coast of southwest Sumatra. It belongs to Bengkulu Province and is particularly popular with scuba divers in search of quieter dive sites.

The island lies 100kms off the coast and 175kms southwest of Bengkulu City and is a bit of a pain to get to, which makes it all the more appealing for many visitors. Its long, white sandy beaches and miles of coral reefs are inherently beautiful. Reef diving goes to depths of 35m, where visibility is surprisingly good.

Pulau Enggano is 35kms long by about 16kms wide, and although relatively small, it takes a bit of negotiating as the rainforest here is dense. Hikers will enjoy it, however, as the interior is pretty hilly and rises to 280m. The three main towns on Pulau Enggano are Barhau, Kayaapu and Kabuwe, yet the island is sparsely populated with Engganese people.

Although you can catch a boat to Pulau Enggano, divers are better off booking a scuba dive tour from Bengkulu or Bandarlampung.

Getting There & Away

Pulau Enggano is only accessible by boat and charters are best arranged from the port of Bintuhan, 150kms to the east in the south of Bengkulu Province. Buses run to Bintuhan from Bengkulu and Bandarlampung, taking around 3 or 4 hours in either direction. Bandar Lampung Airport is the nearest main airport, 250kms southeast of Bintuhan, and receives 40-minute flights from Jakarta.