Phatthalung is an ancient city in southern Thailand famous for its dramatic mountain ranges and rocky outlets. It is famous for being the birthplace of the shadow play and the Nora dance but unfortunately more recently, it is famous for being linked to the troubles in the south.

It is a truly beautiful city with many sights to experience. For those who want to get off the beaten track but prefer the north of the country to the south, Phatthalung is a very good option. However, before traveling anywhere in Thailand’s deepest south, it is important to check on the current political and safety climate.

Popular sights include Buddha images, historic temples, ancient palaces, cultural monuments and beautiful scenery. It is a town boasting sights to suit everyone. Despite the lack of tourists, the infrastructure for visitors is very good and there are many hotels to choose from, restaurants serving up local and international food, bars offering an insight into the nightlife of the locals and good transport links.

Getting There & Away

It is possible to reach Phatthalung by bus or train from Bangkok. However, journeys are long, taking approximately 15 hours so make sure you are prepared for this. It is also possible to fly to nearby Trang and make the rest of the journey by bus.

Phatthalung attractions

  • Wat Khuha Sawan: this cave-cum-temple is one of the ancient landmarks of Phatthalung. Inside the cave visitors will find a giant reclining Buddha image, a pagoda and other Buddha images. It is a beautiful sight and a must-see if you are in the area.