Situated in Phattalung and Trang provinces in the south of Thailand, this little-known park is actually one of the most beautiful in the country. However, due to its location in the troublesome south, it is rarely visited by tourists.

Khao Poo Khao Ya is not far from Krabi but most people do not go any further than the region’s beaches on the tourist trail. However, taking a trip further south will bring you to this stunning natural park which boasts tall pine trees, imposing mountains, caves, beautiful waterfalls and nature trails.

There is a great deal of accommodation available in and around the national park, with options ranging from top-class hotels to wooden log houses. Camping is also available in parts of the park.

Wildlife abounds here although most of it stays out of man’s way. If you are lucky you may see and hear gibbons, spot a wild boar, spot fish and birds and enjoy the fascinating bugs and other insects.

Getting There & Away

The best way to reach Khao Poo Khao Yais to fly (1 hour, 30 minutes), take a train (15 hours) or bus (12 hours) to Trang and then take a songtaew (shared taxi) or regular taxi to the park. If you are staying in one of the park’s resorts, transport may be provided for you.